Playing in the snow is a universal, time-honored pleasure that takes many forms around the world. (Full story:
  1. Jump for Joy
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    A teenager makes tracks in snowshoes in 1978 in Canada’s Yukon Territory. (Photo by George F. Mobley, National Geographic Creative)
  2. Always in Style
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    Snowball fights were just as fun in 1915 as they are in 2015. This group took aim at each other in Washington’s Mount Rainier National Park. (Photo by Curtis and Miller, National Geographic Creative)
  3. Minnie Who?
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    Women pose at the statue of Hiawatha and Minnehaha in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1949. The fictional lovers were immortalized in an 1855 poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. (Photo by B.Anthony Stewart and Jack E. Fletcher, National Geographic Creative)
  4. Forest Giants
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    Tourists frolic among the massive trees of Sequoia National Forest in California in 1951. (Photo by Andrew H. Brown, National Geographic Creative)
  5. Look Ma, No Helmets
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    Teenage boys play ice hockey in Duluth, Minnesota, in 1949. (Photo by B.Anthony Stewart and Jack E. Fletcher, National Geographic Creative)
  6. Snow Soccer
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    A child kicks a ball around the snow drifts of Barrow, Alaska, in this undated vintage photo. (Photo by Priit Vesilind, National Geographic)
  7. Ice Hoops
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    Locals shoot some hoops in frigid Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska, in 1965. (Photo by Ted Spiegel, National Geographic Creative)
  8. Catching Flakes
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    Children enjoy the snow at a nature immersion school playground in Portland, Oregon, in 2012. (Photo by Lynn Johnson, National Geographic Creative)
  9. Speed Demon
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    Even if you don’t use Clark Griswold’s special grease, you can still build up some serious speed on a sled. This boy gives it a go in Bath, Maine, in 2014. (Photo by Heather Perry, National Geographic Creative)
  10. Universal Appeal
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    Young people in Marv Dasht, Iran, enjoy a snowball fight at an overpass that depicts scenes from the ancient world. (Photo by Newsha Tavakolian, National Geographic)
  11. Indoor Snow
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    In Dubai, people can ski, snowboard, or play in the snow—all under the hot desert sun. This indoor winter wonderland is pictured in 2007. (Photo by Mattias Klum, National Geographic Creative)
  12. Hot and Cold
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    A family soaks in Liard River Hot Springs in British Columbia, Canada, in 2009. (Photo by Peter Mather, National Geographic Creative)
  13. Far North
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    Children play outside their school in the east Greenland village of Isortoq in 2013. (Photo by Matthieu Paley, National Geographic Creative)