See people slowing down and enjoying their time around the world. (Full story: http://on.natgeo.com/20hD4th)
  1. Ladakh, India
    A group of men plays polo on horseback in Ladakh, India, the “land of high passes” and one of the most visually stunning areas in the Indian Himalaya. The game is played in two 20-minute halves, with a 10-minute break in between. The horses play the entire match. (Photo by Arnaud Robin, Figarophoto/Redux)
  2. Chichicastenango, Guatemala
    A flower market hums with business in front of the Iglesia de Santo Tomás, a Roman Catholic church in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. The church, which was built around 1540, is still used for Maya rituals—and the steps that this flower market sits upon are from a pre-Columbian temple used by the Maya. (Photo by Ton Koene, VWPics/Redux)
  3. Key West, Florida
    In Key West, the southernmost island in the Florida Keys, a pair of tanned cyclists ride toward the end of a pier. A popular stop for cruise ships, Key West is home to the only barrier reef in the continental United States, making it an ideal location for snorkeling and diving. (Photo by Andrew Hetherington, Redux)
  4. Kunming, Yunnan Province, China
    Diners enjoy a meal at Lao Fangzi, a restaurant in Kunming in China’s Yunnan Province. The restaurant’s name translates to “old house”—it specializes in Yunnanese dishes—and it is located in Kunming’s Bird and Flower Market, a bustling and colorful bazaar. (Photo by Stanislas Fautre, Figarophoto/Red)
  5. Bamyan Province, Afghanistan
    Participants in the Afghan Ski Challenge stand atop a mountain in Bamyan Province. The backcountry ski race, held each spring, runs through the Koh-e Baba mountain range. The 2015 race included 50 participants—30 from Afghanistan and 20 more from countries such as the United States, Norway, France, the United Kingdom, and more. (Photo by Andrea Bruce, Noor/Redux)
  6. Hidrellez Festival, Turkey
    Each year on the night of May 5, people around Turkey celebrate Hidrellez, welcoming spring and commemorating the day the Prophets Hizir and Ilyas met on Earth. Throughout the country, families will clean their houses thoroughly and purchase new clothing and shoes for the celebrations. (Photo by Mert Cakir, Redux)
  7. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
    A group of fishing boats gathers to socialize on Ha Long Bay in Vietnam’s Quàng Ninh Province. Within the bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site, there are more than 1,600 islets and islands, which are mostly uninhabited. (Photo by George Steinmetz, National Geographic Creative)