1. The times I was violated, age 11- present
  2. Eating disorders and body dysmorphia, age 11 - present.
  3. Fears I have of my kids resenting me one day.
  4. Careers I wish I could have instead of the one I have.
  5. Times I've spoken my mind at family functions and how many days I spent obsessing that I was talked about afterwards.
  6. Regrets
  7. The things I would tell a therapist I had one.
  8. OCD behaviors past and present
  9. I am proud of myself because ...
  10. Friends who might not think I'm smart, valuable, responsible, a good parent.
  11. Reasons why I'm still married.
  12. Reasons why I shouldn't be married.
  13. Judgements I make about people based on their appearance, pet name, and pet type when I'm at the Vet with my dog.
  14. Names of fourth grade moms who I have no desire to get to know.
  15. Positive things about myself.