Requested by @BWN_7
  1. Every single day, every single morning event in which my children are involved.
    Wake up. Make their breakfast. Get school bags in car. Ask my 14 year old if he remembered his belt. Check for gym bag, tennis racket, water in daughters lunch. Get them out the door by 7:25. No matter how sick, tired, hung over, or just plain "over it" I am.
  2. My coffee.
    I may top it off or microwave the original cup six times, but I manage to finish one cup.
  3. Any book I decide to start.
    I choose short story or essay collections because I know I can finish one story or one essay. It may take me a month to finish the entire book, but I manage to finish each entry the day I sit down to read it. Faves: Davis Sedaris, BJ Novak, Mindy Kaling, Nora Ephron, George Saunders.
  4. Netflix series
    Once I commit, I'm all in. Master of None, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Wet Hot American Summer, Making a Murderer, that Jane Fonda Lily Tomlin one.
  5. My drink.
    Beer. IPA preferably. Will settle for vodka with la croix or whatever the fuck that sparkling canned water is called. Hate it by itself but it spruces up the vodka.
  6. A tank of gas.
    Why fill up before the "bitch you running out of fuel" light comes on?
  7. Relationships that do me no good
    It may take four years to face the truth that someone is doing me more harm than good, but when that time comes, I am at peace with never turning back around. And I just pray the person doesn't reach out to me again. Will I be strong enough to ignore what I know will hurt me again, just because it will temporarily feel good to hear from them? Just because that this means you are still with them somehow?
  8. Avocado
    When it's good, it's oh so good. Divine. When it's bad, well, it's already opened. Eat it. Eat at least half.
  9. Seasons.
    Kids' soccer. Kid's tennis. Kid's Dance. Kids' Piano lessons. No matter what. Drive the kids. Get them there. No quitting mid season. Commitment matters.
  10. That fucking bottle of hair conditioner.
    Probably expired by now