I screenshot a lot of texts, I'm slightly concerned
  1. When I sent a photo of a cool photo I took in Hawaii to my best friend and she didn't think it was my family. Oops.
  2. This is a screenshot of pictures, basically the same thing. Never leave your selfies unattended.
  3. This is not a compliment, she also asked if she could Instagram it.
  4. Once someone would not let me borrow their hat, I was so offended the only clear solution was to screenshot it.
  5. I received this text randomly and unexpected and was so caught off guard that I felt the need to permanently save it.
  6. People in America can be rude. Stay up to date for the book series we're writing.
  7. Once my brother's friend sent me a birthday text. I do not have social media where you can find my birthday, it was quite the honor.
  8. I changed a group chat name (with 20 people) to the lyrics from Bohemian Rhapsody then acted like nothing had happened.
  9. Once I found out my brother's girlfriend loved the office, she became my new best friend and we decided we were basically @JennaFischer and John Krasinski.