I suck at these things, and though it's not New Year's, here's a resolution list
  1. BE CONFIDENT (sometimes people find those that are shy off putting, so talk!)
  2. ALWAYS SMILE AT PEOPLE (who cares if they weren't looking at you or weren't planning on saying hi, no seriously...who cares?)
  3. BE NICE (Do. Not. Take. Your. Anger. Out. On. Others. Don't bottle it in but don't scream at others, EVEN if it is there fault)
  4. GET UP EARLY (getting up early is probably like proven to make people happier)
  5. WORK OUT (working out builds endorphins and endorphins make people happy)
  6. EAT HEALTHY (Don't stuff yourself, you'll feel better eating healthy.)
  7. DO LET YOURSELF HAVE TREATS (no reason to deprive yourself)
  8. BE HONEST (Say what you feel like you need to say)
  9. DON'T TALK ABOUT PEOPLE BADLY (so and so is wearing a cute dress? Awesome talk about how cool she is, DON'T talk about people badly, it doesn't help anyone.)
  10. TELL YOUR FRIENDS IF THEY'RE ANNOYING YOU (if they did something that made you mad, let them know! You can't expect them to always just know)