Can I Make A Suggestion?

These are things I'm gonna need you to start partaking in.... Immediately.
  1. Retta's... Fuckin... Snapchat
    Are you lonely? Do you need a constant companion during those long tiring days? Retta will help get you through.
  2. The Night Manager
    This is basically Tom Hiddleston's audition tape/plea to be the nxt James Bond. And I'm INTO IT
  3. HDTGM
    If you're not already listening to this podcast.... I'm so sorry you've spent this many years with no joy in your life
  4. The Invitation
    This movie... Is unreal.
  5. So Sad Today
    Follow on Twitter. Buy the book. Melissa Broder is the master of turning existential loneliness into LOLs. @sosadtoday