Perks of Being An Assistant

I am the assistant to a badass film/tv/theater director. The perks, @jakebrandman ? Let me tell you....
  1. Meeting Jake Brandman
    And others who are cool and talented and bad ass.
  2. Playing with puppies whose medical bills you don't have to pay for.
    I get to be the cool aunt.
  3. Your life looks AWESOME on social media
    Looking successful on the outside is all that matters guys....
    Nothing feels better than not paying $12.50 to see "The Danish Girl"
  5. Jealousy and Fear
    Jealous of all the actresses. Afraid I will never achieve actress hair goals. Perk? Bigger hair goals.
  6. Getting to watch Law and Order SVU all day
    When you don't have an office, Olivia Benson becomes your favorite office-mate