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  1. I'm a better person than today
  2. i can help someone I care about
  3. i can love freely
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  1. Controls my body
  2. fills me with fear and worry
  3. constantly keeping me uneasy and sick to my stomach
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  1. don't be afraid
  2. your heart is tender
  3. it will heal and love again
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There's a mushroom in particular that I adore and love but on the contrary I generally despise them.
  1. This red mushroom happens to be my fave
    It's so red, but not the kind of red the eyes see. This kind of red that is native in term for its complexion
  2. Soulmate or Best friend ?
    Sometimes hard to distinguish between the two. There's something captivating about it, something like a girl listening to the stories of her father. Attentive, loyal; time passes and you stay connected still yearning to spend more time
  3. Bright Red exterior filled with TINY things
    It's bright colour attracts all sorts of things, from OLD lady bugs to YOUNG caterpillars even gorillas and ravens. Everyone loves it because it's so 'cool' and unique, it's endlesly alluring . But it's really simple and weirdly filled with tiny animated figurines. The cute ones that u only play with when no one is looking, OR ...maybe with your 'Soulmate or Best friend?'
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  1. yourself
  2. mankind
  3. the happy moments with the people you adore
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often times we cannot go to ppl for our comfort, they will always hurt and disappoint because they, we, are only human
  1. a space where you can share yourself and not be judged
  2. where you are accepted
  3. where you are understood
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