1. "It was just me and Eddy back in those days, playin' our guitars and drinkin' out of ashtrays"
    - "Me and Eddy," from the album "Don't Pay"
  2. "Didn't want to be no businessman / Had to play in a punk rock band / Me and Eddy down at the beach / Man, we didn't give a fuck back then!"
    - "Fuck It Up," from the album, "Let it Burn Down to the Ground"
  3. "Took the 51 Express bus / You know I had to go out at dusk / Took it down to Berkeley station / Yeah, that was my next location / Rode the BART to Embarcadero / I got California in my marrow / Had to catch that light rail, N-Judah / To see my man Eddy / Yeah, he knew the fuckin' score!"
    - "Directions Song," from "Last Chance for Freedom"
  4. "Small Mikey had a chip on his shoulder / But you know he always had your back / American consumers runnin' around, man / Givin' me a heart attack"
    - "Small Mikey," off "We Stand Against"
  5. "I knew I could use my guitar / To fight the forces that try to take away our freedom / Open up your mind and see / Baby you know we all can be free"
    - "Fighting the Forces that Try to Take Away Our Freedom Using My Guitar," from the album "My Guitar Is What I Use to Fight the Forces that Fight Against Me Having Freedom"
  6. "Crime boy / Stay away from that crime boy / You know he'll do the time, boy / Me and Eddy drinkin' out of ashtrays"
    - "Crime Boy" from "California Train"
  7. "It was a graveyard smash"
    - "The Monster Mash," from "Lars 'Boris' Fredericksen's Spooky Halloween Mosh Pit"