1. Called the outback steakhouse "the outback snakehouse"
  2. Gone through a mcdonald's drive-through and said, "i'd like the arch deluxe, the sandwich that sucks"
  3. Purchased fries from burger king then gone to mcdonald's for the burger
  4. Acted like he was really sticking it to the man by doing this
  5. Said, "those mcdonald's fries, they taste like they'll turn you into a space alien"
  6. My sister and i were friends with his sons, and one time when we slept over greg kept coming up with different variations on the "beans beans the musical fruit" song and telling them to us even after we were supposed to be asleep
  7. Referring to his sons matt and bryan as "gilmer and gomer" and hope and me as "elmer and homer"
  8. Shortly after 9/11 he talked a lot about different ways in which he'd like to kill bin laden
  9. Calls windows customer service every day just to tell them that "windows 8 sucks" and that "they can tell bill gates" that
  10. Gets into fights with vladimir putin supporters on facebook
  11. Caused his son to say, "i'm doin' pretty good-- matt and my dad were gettin' on my ass for not believin' in ghosts, though"