1. The Decor
    My bathroom sink is in my kitchen. Sitting right next to my kitchen sink. I brush teeth next to my roommate nightly.
  2. The Safety
    The front door of our apartment building doesn't lock. But there are 6 chefs from the restaurant below me who sit in the walkway, smoking cigarettes. My Jewish mother calls them my guardian angels.
  3. The Aesthetic
    We have a lot of graffiti to keep us entertained while we climb our five floor walk up. My favorite piece is named "Poopdick," because that's what is written. It's between the second and third floor and I think it describes everything perfectly.
  4. The Wildlife
    Our first mouse was named Guinivere. And she was a god damn queen. RIP. You were the first of many, but still my favorite.
  5. The Neighbors
    Apartment 4a: 2 parents. 2 daughters. 2 babies. 4 eligible bachelors. 3 bedrooms.
  6. The Cuisine
    Fairly certain my mouth is permanently damaged from burning myself on soup dumplings.
  7. The Memories
    First year in New York City done right.