The little things, people.
  1. When your music perfectly matches the pace of the person walking in front you.
    And you feel like you're in a music video.
  2. That blissful second when you walk by a clothing store's open door, and you're hit with a refreshing blast of air conditioning.
    The entirety of Spring street is temperature controlled.
  3. When you see an acquaintance walking on the other side of street and they don't see you.
    Evading unwanted social interaction: the best.
  4. When you're walking down the street faster than the cars are.
    Not uncommon and v satisfying.
  5. When you're walking down the street, just like normal, but you're wearing a new shirt and feeling good about it.
    Recently went shopping.
  6. When all the white walking lights line up for you perfectly and New York becomes your personal runway.
    Easier to feel good about this when wearing new clothing. See above.
  7. When you see someone with really great facial hair.
    Maybe that's just me.