Who we wrote for (Poetry edition)

We asked authors longlisted for the 2016 National Book Award for Young People's Literature who they were writing for. Below are some highlights from their responses, and you can see their full responses here: http://j.mp/writeP16
  1. For those who cannot survive the brutalities of our rotten economies.
    - Daniel Borzuztky, author of THE PERFORMANCE OF BECOMING HUMAN
  2. For the human record that's been passed from reader to reader and writer to writer.
    - Peter Gizzi, author of ARCHEOPHONICS
  3. For my father who passed away in 2009
    - Jay Hopler, author of THE ABRIDGED HISTORY OF RAINFALL
  4. For the women who helped save my life again and again.
    - Donika Kelly, author of BESTIARY
  5. For the dead. For the displaced. For myself and my own outrage and perceived powerlessness.
    - Solmaz Sharif, author of LOOK
  6. For my cousin, not just to his memory, but for the future inspires.
    - Kevin Young, author of BLUE LAWS