I am a serial tv addict and feel like I've watched everything on Netflix,Hulu, Amazon Prime etc
  1. Damages
    Awesome show staring Glenn Close. I feel like it was ahead of its time and never got a strong following. It would probably get excellent rating now amongst the Scandal viewers.
  2. Veronica Mars
    Even thought this is a teenage High School drama, it's super witty and actually a great mystery show with lots of twists.
  3. The Fall
    Gillian Anderson is a great actress in this series. I love how the show parallels both perspectives of murder and detective at the same time.
  4. Sleeper Cell
    Almost like a reverse Homeland. Excellent mini series
  5. Southland
    For the many police dramas out there, this one actually made me interested in the officers personal lives.
  6. Life
    Found this on Netflix randomly and was a pleasant surprise. Lots of great actors and entertaining.