1. Stop trying to be like anyone else, just be unapologetically you
  2. Stop trying to please everyone
    You can't.
  3. Listen more , hear what people say instead of thinking of a response.
    This one takes practice and I still work on it, but when I do it people really respond. In a very self involved world people can tell when you make an effort to hear them.
  4. Always carry extra socks
    Solid travel advice.
  5. Always make sure you smell good before you go to bed
    This was marriage advice I got from a friends father. A little jasmine oil or nice smelling lotion goes a long way. Even when he's mad he still snuggles in and then forgets all about the fight.
  6. Ignore all the parenting advice and do whatever feels right. You will know.
  7. When you are unsure , new to something, ect. Keep your mouth shut.
    This has been a life saver in SO many situations. Plus people think I'm way more introspective and smart when really I'm thinking about cinnabun.
  8. Lawyer up.
    Especially if you are innocent. 😇