Im a hugger. I have to remind myself not to hug certain people because it would be crazy weird.
  1. The students I advise.
    Keep it professional but seriously I'm so freaking happy when they achieve their goals.
  2. Any beautician that can actually do my eyebrows just right.
    You have fixed my life.
  3. The Barista at the Starbucks by my job.
    I know she always makes the coffee just right. You are the highlight of A.M. !
  4. The pharmacist that stayed on the phone for over an hour with my insurance company to get my sons asthma meds covered.
    I can only the top 1/3 of you and we just met but I'd love to bring it in.
  5. Any one who smiles at me when I get on a plane.
    I wear a scarf. I have a toddler. I cherish every bit of kindness I can get.
  6. Anderson cooper & Oprah.
    Okay I haven't had the chance but it would take some serious restraint.
  7. People that deliver my packages.
  8. Moms I see out in places whose toddlers are having meltdowns.
    I know your pain. Kids are jerks.