So close , yet so far

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    I ordered milk and honey by Rupi Kaur Sunday night and I am beyond excited to delve into it!
    Especially because hubs is going on a work trip so I will have only my toddler to interrupt me! *eeeeeeee!*
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    I log into amazon today and get a notification that it has arrived.
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    Now I have prime y'all but damn that was fast.
    Like their algorithm knows I'm about to order this so they just had it waiting on the truck for me?!?
  4. β€’
    I realize the office where the packages are dropped off in my building closed 30 minutes ago.
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  6. β€’
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    I. Need. My. Female. Empowered. Raw. Beautiful. Poetry.
    Esp since I have been suffering with cramps all day and the news has drained all light from my soul.
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    The earliest I can get my hands on it now will be tomorrow after work.
    Plus 4 hours before the child sleeps.
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