1. If you ate an apple seed you would grow an apple in your stomach.
    Big sister. She said it had plenty of water and sunlight went in through my eyeballs.
  2. I was adopted
    The joys of being the youngest. One sister claimed it was true. The other two backed her up without a pause. 😕
  3. Werewolves are real.
    "Thriller" by MJ is scary for a 4 year old.
  4. When you look at the horizon on the water there is a waterfall at the end.
    I distinctly remember thinking Niagara Falls was just the other side of Lake Michigan where it dropped of. *shrug*
  5. The moon was super close, like inside the atmosphere of earth.
    We flew a lot and I though you could fly right past the moon like we do with clouds.
  6. That if you are a nice person , people will be nice to you in return. I didn't understand hate or prejudice , I mean , you just got to meet me!
  7. That I was my dads favorite.
    I still believe this. 😇 But I realize he is so amazing he makes everyone feel that way.