Things I actually believed as a child

  1. If you ate an apple seed you would grow an apple in your stomach.
    Big sister. She said it had plenty of water and sunlight went in through my eyeballs.
  2. I was adopted
    The joys of being the youngest. One sister claimed it was true. The other two backed her up without a pause. 😕
  3. Werewolves are real.
    "Thriller" by MJ is scary for a 4 year old.
  4. When you look at the horizon on the water there is a waterfall at the end.
    I distinctly remember thinking Niagara Falls was just the other side of Lake Michigan where it dropped of. *shrug*
  5. The moon was super close, like inside the atmosphere of earth.
    We flew a lot and I though you could fly right past the moon like we do with clouds.
  6. That if you are a nice person , people will be nice to you in return. I didn't understand hate or prejudice , I mean , you just got to meet me!
  7. That I was my dads favorite.
    I still believe this. 😇 But I realize he is so amazing he makes everyone feel that way.