Inspired by Dalia Mogaheds badass interview on the Daily Show
  1. Trever asks if the Hijab oppresses women
  2. Hijab is a symbol of devotion to God (similar to how a nun covers in devotion to God)
  3. Dalia says oppression is taking away someone's power, by definition
  4. She continues: Hijab is also a way for a woman privatize her sexuality for an audience of her choosing
  5. Then she says: So to say that hijab it self oppresses women is to say that a woman's power is derived from her sexuality
    Sexuality privatized = oppressed
  6. 🙌🏼🙌🏼YES!!!!🙌🏼🙌🏼
    This is personally how I feel about hijab. I am free to choose to wear it and to have control over how to display my body. As all women should.
  7. Personally It blows my mind that people want to ban women from wearing Hijab
  8. Telling a woman what she can't wear is as offensive as telling her what she has to wear
    Let us live !!
  9. I cannot deny that the patriarchy has turned the hijab in to a symbol and a tool for control in some societies
    Iran , Saudi Arabia. I am 100% against this and I feel it trivializes something that is beautiful. As with everything, my body---> my decision. ( please note there are many Muslim countries where hijab is not a requirement such as Pakistan or Malaysia or Jordan)
  10. However in many societies a woman's sexuality is used to trivialize women and control them
    I.e. Your boobs can be used to sell watches, cars, perfume, ect. But not for breastfeeding. That's unacceptable. Go do that in your house only !
  11. I once heard Barbra Walters say that she was required to wear short skirts and was not allowed to wear slacks during interviews
    She is a trailblazer and she had to put up with some crap. But I feel this is as offensive as forcing someone to wear hijab. She ain't just a pair of legs ya know
  12. I'm going off on a tangent here , just some thoughts rolling around my head.
  13. I hope this maybe brings some light to my perception of hijab and maybe answers some questions.
  14. Lastly hijab does not make me a "good", "religious", perfect person. It's just a piece of cloth. A persons religion/spirituality is in their heart. Hijab is one way my religion gives me to show devotion. Plus it makes me feel confident. And I love that.
    The same way that if a woman chooses to wear revealing clothes does not mean she is slutty or promiscuous or unintelligent or whatever other stereotypes go along with that.
  15. I'm super nervous to post this but I'm going to anyway.
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