Very Superstitious 🔮

Every culture has some. (Or a lot) Certainly comes with being Asian. Some of these have religious roots. All in all these are superstitions/rituals I have heard or seen from family and friends. Most of these we say and laugh about in the same sentence. As silly as they are I guess you can never be to careful 😜
  1. When you take your shoes off once inside (Asian) place them facing the same way. One shoe up and one shoe down is bad luck
  2. When going on a journey do not take the exact same route there and back. Make a small change in your route one way if you can. This is not good luck or bad luck. It's just recommended.
    I always do this one and don't really know why. Guess I've heard it so much it stuck.
  3. Say hello, or a greeting of peace, when you enter your home. Even if no one is there.
    Basically greet your house, Angels, other beings. This one stems from religion. I do this but completely under my breath cuz I don't want to look crazy OR for anything to answer me. 😳🏃🏽
  4. If someone is laying down or sitting down with their legs out in front don't walk over them. Go around. If you walk over them, they get shorter.
    Mama: don't jump over your sister , she will get shorter. 🙄 I can't with this one and naturally my sisters and I did it constantly to irk mama.
  5. Broken mirror is bad.
    I don't know what this does but not a good sign.
  6. If you regularly clean your whole plate with your fingers after you eat (a good thing), it will rain on your wedding day. ( a bad thing)
    Pakistani food is traditionally eaten by hand. I have no godly idea where this came from and it hardly seems fair. Although my sister always cleaned her plate and boy did it snow on her wedding. But then again it was February in Chicago.
  7. An itch on your ear... Someone is talking about you.
  8. And itch on the palm of your hand means you are going to gain or loose a chunk of money.
    Super vague and horoscope-y
  9. If you have a beauty mark on your hand, and it becomes concealed when you make a fist, you will never have to worry about money.
    My dad told me this once while pointing out the beauty mark on my right hand ring finger. It's complete bullshit. Exhibit A: most of my 20's. 🤑
  10. Snakes are generally bad. IRL and in imagery. They should be avoided.
    Meh. I don't know. They kind of gross though. 🐍
  11. Avoid people who compliment too much, they can give you the evil eye.
    👀👀 always attribute your good qualities to someone else or downplay them by bringing up something negative. If someone is saying how adorable and perfect your baby/child is just follow up by saying something negative about your kid. I don't know about this one but generally too many compliments make me uncomfortable, but that could be social awkwardness too. 🙃
  12. This is my 13th list. 😏