Inspired by @ListPrompts. From the heart and in the spirit better understanding all around.
  1. Real.
  2. Not defined by the fact that you had to go through hardship , even though you are white. Everyone has to go through hardships. It doesn't strip you of your struggles in any way or imply your life is perfect because your white.
  3. Not only perpetuated by white people.
    In many societies whiter=better. Many can argue that colonialism played a large part in this concept. Maybe that's true. But it's 2016 and too many Indian/Pakistani people favor light skinned children, spouses, friends. Unfortunately people I know and love do too 😢 I pray we evolve and learn to love ourselves.
  4. Not stopping us. Whether people recognize how society strongly favors whiteness or not we know the struggles we face and we will overcome. 💪🏽
    I'm damn proud of my heritage. My name. My people. And the amazing contributions my people have made to civilization. ( even though my middle class suburban education truly had me believing that ALL civilized things originated from white people) 🚫
  5. On a personal note White Privilege is:
  6. People who are white or look white or have white names being able to get the apartment they want. Or at least apply. Instead of being rejected the minute the landlord sees you.
    Yeah the pretty one with the lake behind it. Even though you could afford double that rent and had stellar credit and job history. You know... being told that the apartment is taken even though your white friend called and was told it was available the next day 😕
  7. Learning way to late in life that the Dark Ages were only dark in Europe. Countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia were thriving making HUGE scientific, mathematical, linguistic and public health advances.
    You really gonna define the dark ages like it was a worldwide event like the ice age. Smh
  8. People treating you rudely at the yoga studio because you are one of the few non white people who attend the studio.
    You know while they practice yoga. Something invented by my ancestors. With Indian music ( my music) playing in the background. While butchering my language. While literally asking how I can afford to go there, because God knows how dark skinned people could afford this studio. ( yoga is for the elite you know )
  9. Walking into any store and being able to find makeup that works for your skin tone. Or when you are looking for Nude colored bras, Camis, shoes, ect... You get white girl nude.
    Yeah... I have a feeling that might look like a glow in the dark bra on me. Brown girl struggles are real.