The best!! Right now!! Old and new!!
  1. The whole Carrie and Lowell album - Sufjan Stevens
    This album is so beautiful and my it warms my soul.
  2. Cranes in the sky - Solange
  3. Not above love - Aluna George
    Also heartbreak horizon.
  4. 24-25 - kings of convenience
    This song and rain = fall.
  5. Talk - big deal
    I really want rain and cold weather and I'm going to regret saying this in about a month.
  6. Sunny road - Emiliana Torrini
    Her voice!!
  7. 50 ways to leave your lover - Paul Simon
    I'm seeing Paul Simon in like 3 weeks and I'm so excited!!!!!!
  8. The whole fucking ep
    It's amazing!
  9. The Middle East
  10. Santogold- lights out