It's the last year of my 20s. I'm not necessarily sad or happy about this. While I don't feel the need to party or seek out anything that raises my heart rate above 150, there are a few things I hope to accomplish this year. Some are practical, some are silly, and some are serious, but I think they'll all help make this one of my best years yet.
  1. Have professional family photos taken
    Is it cheating to start with something I've already scheduled?
  2. Actually print, frame, and hang said pictures.
    This is the hard part.
  3. Decorate our bedroom so it looks like adults sleep there.
    Buy nice sheets. Hang things on the walls. Get a beautiful quilt for the bed. Keep the clothes off the floor/dresser/everywhere but the closet.
  4. Figure out my personal style—and then own it.
  5. See a show at Shadowbox, our local sketch comedy club.
  6. Get a fire pit. Hang out there often.
  7. Learn to make at least three signature cocktails.
  8. Swim in something other than a pool at least once.
  9. Volunteer with Urban Connections.
  10. Go on a family trip to the zoo.
  11. Find the perfect red lipstick. Wear it often.
  12. Print a few of my favorite food photographs for the dining room.
  13. Master homemade sandwich bread.
  14. Host at least one swanky dinner party. I'm talking multiple courses, wine, candlelight, fine china, music. The works.
  15. Journal more often than every 6 months.
  16. Eat Cheesecake on a Stick at the Ohio State Fair.
  17. Get rid of more stuff. I still need to purge more clothes and kitchen stuff.
  18. Lose the last of the baby weight.
    I am incredibly grateful for what my body has done and have come to terms with how it has changed (for the most part), but it's time for those last seven pounds to go.
  19. Have all of our neighbors over for dinner.
  20. Practice more portrait and lifestyle photography.
    Basically, take lots of photos of my kid.
  21. Read at least 29 books.
  22. Clean up the junk room and make it into an office space I actually want to work in.
  23. Invest in my lady friends. Make time for girl's nights, heart to hearts, and rom-coms and ice cream. Be honest. Ask for prayer when I need it.
  24. Run the Cupcake 5K
    I am not a runner and am finally over shaming myself for this fact, but I would like to challenge myself to do a short, non competitive 5K for a cause I care about (and cupcakes).
  25. Strengthen my core.
    I think this means more Pilates and barre. I have been getting so many knots in my back since having a kid and I know strengthening my core would help.
  26. Host a killer Halloween party.
    Force people to dress up because it's fun an awesome, even if we're all grown adults.
  27. Find the perfect cinnamon roll recipe.
  28. Be kind to myself. Be mindful of how I talk to myself and intentionally disrupt thoughts of shame, comparison, guilt, or judgment.
  29. Practice being completely present, whether I'm working, playing with my son, or on a date with my husband.