I've done a terrible job keeping up with the monthly lists, so we'll just recap the entire first quarter instead.
  1. Modern Romance
    This is pretty much my dream book genre: Comedy + Sociology. Even though this doesn't really apply to my current life circumstances, I found this book utterly fascinating and entertaining, especially the discussion about how the Internet has changed our dating relationships and how increased choices can lead to greater anxiety and less satisfaction. I recommend the audio book for this one.
  2. Bittersweet
    I'm a huge Shauna Niequist fan, but since I've read all her latest stuff, I decided to go back and read this one. So much good stuff in here about grabbing onto the tiny slivers of goodness that seep through even our most difficult seasons.
  3. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
    I know I'm about a century behind on this one. I found most of this to be a little over the top. I don't believe my socks need to rest or that my stuff has feelings, but the basic principle of keeping only what brings me joy has totally changed the way I clean house. So far, I've gone through my clothes, linens, and dishes and I've already gotten rid of so much. I feel lighter, and am much more appreciative of the stuff I've kept.
  4. After You
    I was hoping for some redemption after all the ugly crying that resulted from Me Before You, but this book didn't do it for me. The character development wasn't nearly as deep or believable as the first book.
  5. The Knockoff
    This was a really fun, quick read about a fashion editor who returns from sick leave to discover her beloved magazine is being turned into an app...and run by a tyrannical tech twenty something. I found the book to be highly exaggerated buy enjoyable nonetheless.
  6. Americanah
    This book has so many amazing reviews. This is not one of them. This book draaaaagged for me. It felt like the author wanted to write an essay about race in America but instead shoved it into a fiction book with sub par plot and unlike able characters.
  7. The Girl You Left Behind
    Jojo Moyes redeems herself. I loved this tale that weaves together the lives of a woman living in war torn France in the early 1900s with a modern day widow.
  8. Orphan Train
    This was good. It's not making my favorites list, but it was good, and the premise is based on the very real practice of sending orphans from New York on a train to the Midwest to find foster homes for them.
  9. The Bookseller
    This was probably my favorite fiction book of this list. The main character, Kitty, struggles between two alternate realities, the one in her dreams and the one she wakes up to every day. In one she is a single girl who owns a small bookstore. In the other, she's married to her dream guy and the mother of three children. It's hard not to give away spoilers on this one, so I'll just say it's definitely worth a read.
  10. The Nightingale
    This wrecked me. My favorite of the year so far.
  11. Nine Women, One Dress
  12. Still Life
  13. A Fatal Grace
  14. For the Love
  15. Life after Life
  16. A Man Called Ove
  17. Kitchens of the Great Midwest