1. Getting food stuck in between my two front teeth.
    I am the master.
  2. Making perfect scrambled eggs.
    Never rubbery. Always soft, creamy, and buttery.
  3. Quitting a running plan after the first day.
  4. Getting songs stuck in other people's heads.
    This would be a closely contested match up with @willrowland. The key is to hum or quietly sing a catchy chorus to yourself while standing near someone. They'll never know why they're singing "My Girl" 2 hours later.
  5. Loud nose blowing.
    Don't even try to sleep in the same bed as me when I have a cold.
  6. Sandwich Crafting.
    Edge to edge sauce. Great bread. Loads of interesting meats and vegetables for filling. Again, this would be a close match with @willrowland, but I'd like to think the student has become the master. 😎
  7. Underestimating the amount of time it takes to get somewhere.
    We can totally get there in 15 minutes! False. It will take you 15 minutes just to put shoes on the baby, grab more diapers for the diaper bag, fill a sippy cup, and get the kid into his car seat.
  8. Taking the longest time possible to order at a restaurant.
    And then regretting my choice as soon as the server walks away.