Over/Under: Summer Edition

Inspired by @nathanveshecco.
  1. Getting a tan.
    Overrated. Sure we all look great with a little color, but it's risky business. I've had way too many vacations ruined by a tan gone way too far. Plus, you have to worry about awkward tan lines and allotting equal time to the front and back of your body. Oh, and also skin cancer sucks.
  2. Flip flops.
    Overrated. Uncomfortable, terrible arch support, often thin enough for gravel/mulch/debris to poke through, and the flop action splatters mud or water from the street on the back of your legs. Hard pass.
  3. S'mores.
    Overrated. The chocolate is never melty enough for me, and Hershey's milk chocolate just isn't that good. #sorrynotsorry
  4. Smookies.
    Underrated/Nobody knows about them. This will change your summer bonfires. Seriously. Make awesome chewy chocolate chip cookies, toast your marshmallow, then put it between two cookies. Maximum chewy, melty, gooeyness. DO IT.
  5. Swimming.
    Underrated. This might be my favorite part of summer. There is nothing better than jumping into a pool or lake on a really hot summer day. I'm just mad that you have to pay for a membership to swim anywhere decent in Columbus. I need a secret swimming hole like whoa.
  6. Tent camping.
    Overrated. There is nothing relaxing about laying on tree roots, sleeping in a space that smells like wet tennis shoes, and waking up at 6 AM because the tent is a sauna. And if you have one of those super fancy tents with a light and fan and air mattress don't talk to me. You aren't really tent camping.
  7. Cabin camping.
    Underrated. All the benefits of tent camping but with walls and a bed. Maybe even electricity if you really want to splurge!
  8. Peaches
    Overrated. Okay, so the perfect peach is exquisite, but I get approximately one of those a year. More often I get mealy, hard, dry peaches. Which brings me to my next point...
  9. Nectarines.
    Underrated: Consistently juicy, sweet, and complex in flavor. White nectarines are especially fantastic. Biting into a ripe nectarine and letting the juice dribble down your chin is one of summer's greatest pleasures.
  10. Fireworks.
    Underrated: WE MAKE FIRE IN THE SKY.
  11. Laying on the beach.
    Overrated. It's hot, you get sweaty, sand sticks to every part of your body. I don't get the appeal. What is the point? (Other than to take toe selfies with an ocean background.)
  12. Sunsets.
    Underrated. I realize sunsets get quite a bit of love already, but man, summer sunsets are the best. Sitting on a patio with a cold drink and watching the sun set is my idea of a perfect evening.