Let's stir up all the holiday controversy.
  1. Sweet potato casserole
    The best. Basically an excuse to start in on dessert early...unless it doesn't have marshmallows on top, then the sweet potatoes clock in at five if they're lucky.
  2. Warm rolls
    I want nothing to do with a cold roll. Bonus points if homemade jam and properly softened butter is available.
  3. Stuffing
    From a box with lots of gravy on top. Go ahead and judge me!
  4. Turkey, dark meat
  5. Mashed potatoes
    Must have pools of butter on top or else they're worthless.
  6. Macaroni and cheese
    Not traditional in my family, but I love when it makes an appearance.
  7. Green bean casserole
    Canned green beans, gloppy soup, greasy French fried onions, often brought by a far away relative and served at room temperature. Not my thing.
  8. Turkey, white meat
    I have no time or stomach space for this.
  9. Cranberry sauce
    If it's homemade, I'll save a tiny sliver of real estate on the plate for it. Otherwise, no thank you.
  10. Salad
    I was super enthusiastic about making salad for Thanksgiving several years in a row, until I realized no one ate it, not even me.