What I'm Into This Week

  1. Watching: The Great British Baking Show
    Could this show be any more delightful? The contestants are so down to earth and helpful and lovely and talented. Plus,this show doesn't stress me out like most cooking shows. It does, however, make me super hungry.
  2. Reading: Present Over Perfect
    I relate to Shauna's writing so much. Her essays on showing up to our own lives and refusing to hide behind our busy schedules are definitely striking a chord. I've been challenged to make time for true (phone-less) quiet in my day and it's so good!
  3. Listening: Johnnyswim
    Saw them live this weekend and now I can't stop listening. I don't know if I've ever seen a couple have so much palpable chemistry on stage.
  4. Listening Part II: Radio Lab's More Perfect Podcast
    Each episode dives into an influential or defining Supreme Court case. It's been so fascinating and educational, and also made me realize I would never want to be a judge.
  5. Eating: Puppy Chow
    I made some for the blog with pretzels and M&Ms and it's just as good (and scarily addictive) as I remembered.