Lunch at Chipotle

  1. Why is this line always so long
  2. I wonder if these people know I'm wearing the same clothes I slept in
  3. Or that I'm not wearing underwear
  4. I really hope I don't run into anybody I know
  5. Yes I am wearing sunglasses
  6. Yes they actually have prescription
  7. No it's not sunny in here
  8. It's because I don't have make up on people jeez
  9. I know you guys are judging me wearing sunglasses
  10. I wonder if the girl behind me can see me typing this
  11. *lowers brightness*
  12. Okay, we good
  13. So... Chicken or pork?
  14. I always get pork, time to switch it up to chicken
  15. What if the chicken is too spicy though?
  16. Wow I saw someone I knew
  17. *looks away*
  18. Okay onto the real struggle
  19. Chips & guac? Yes or no...
  20. Yes I am staring at your food it looks good
    Chill, I won't steal it from you
  21. Dude in front of me, move up man stop sending freaking emails
  22. He moved up 🙂
  23. Dude in front of me is texting asking "Pete private" if he honestly thinks that he's gonna lose 2 or 1 stores....
    What 🤔
  24. I seriously think this girl behind me is reading every word I'm typing
  25. *Moves to awkward position*
  26. Ha, bitch now you can't see
  27. Okay it's time Pinky, time to make your decision
  28. Chicken it is.
    I'm being a real risk taker here, you go girl!
  29. Oh fuck, lady speaks Spanish
    How do I say sour cream in Spanish
  30. "Sour cream, queso, maíz, y lechuga"
    Said sour cream in an accent so it counts
  31. "oh wow girl! I love your sunglasses"
  32. I did btw get the guac
  33. Safety first