Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. Pysch!
    One night, my crazy friends & I decided to play a game called Pysch. You basically have to pick out the right answer out of all the wrong answers your friends have come up with. These are some of the answers my silly friends came up. If your friends are anything like mine (weird & hilarious) do yourself a favor & play this game with them.
  2. Disney
    My boyfriend & I are the last row on the ride, but c'mon would ya look at the guy in the front. The picture would not be the same if he wasn't there, so thank you random dude that is apparently terrified of roller coasters. 👏
  3. Facebook
    Entered my name on this page to see what silly thing would come out. Sounds about right 😇
  4. Ice & Vice
    Before my trip to New York in May I decided to scout for any type of fattening delicious food I could eat while visiting. This is one of the places I came across. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to visit it; but, those who are curious it's called Ice & Vice.
  5. End clothing
    I am always looking for stuff online that my boyfriend might like. Yes I spoil him. Yes he deserves it.