1. (Two full carts later) I really shouldn't shop hungry... I only came for milk.
  2. Can you put the bananas in a separate bag? Nobody likes brown bananas.
  3. I honestly never eat donuts, I'm just rewarding myself for just working out.
  4. That's ringing up at 2.98 and it said 2.97 on the sign. I'm sorry, I wouldn't usually say anything. I'm just on a really tight budget. And that adds up.
  5. (After I've bagged everything in plastic bags) oh, I forgot that I brought my own bags... Do you mind?
  6. Actually, I think I'll take the asparagus off. I didn't realize how much it was. (Same price as the chocolate in their cart)
  7. Hold on, I forgot the milk I came for. I'll run and grab it. (Comes back ten minutes later without the milk)
  8. Can you tell me how much this is? If it's not how much I want it to be, I don't want it.
  9. I have 6 gallons of water, but I'll hand you one to scan and leave the rest in the bottom.
  10. I'm never going to stop having kids, so I never stop getting Wic benefits.
  11. Are you Robert or John Kennedy? Ha. ha. HA.
  12. Can I do two forms of payment?
  13. I'm not sure how much I have on my food stamps, but any little bit helps, right?
  14. Can you price match this for me?
  15. I'm pretty sure it's 75% off on top of that sales price.
  16. Oh, it's not ringing up? Doesn't that mean it's free?
  17. I'm gonna leave the dog food on the bottom, can you just come around and scan it?
  18. See you tomorrow.