Some of the reasons why I'm single.
  1. You're really into torture porn?
  2. You own the Saw anthology?
  3. You go clubbing regularly?
  4. You're a chain smoker?
  5. You go bowling everyday?
  6. You like to make love extremely loudly?
  7. Your favorite song is Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry?
  8. You're in full time ministry?
  9. You refer to women's breasts as "titties"?
  10. You're a politician?
  11. You're wearing sports paraphernalia and a big chain necklace?
  12. You firmly believe in the validity of horoscopes?
  13. You refer to women's breasts as "funbags"?
  14. You're wearing your favorite puka shell necklace?
  15. You're generally stuck in a particular decade?
  16. You want to take me to Hooters?
  17. You want to take me to Chilis?
  18. You want to take me to Fridays?
  19. You want to take me to Applebees?
  20. Were you just picking your nose?
  21. You never laugh?
  22. You never make eye contact?
  23. You're really into angry rock?
  24. You're really into angry rap?
  25. You look like one of my guy friends?
  26. We kind of look related?
  27. We are related?
  28. You've been keeping track of my menstrual cycle?
  29. You don't recycle?
  30. Did you just say "amazeballs"?
  31. Did you just say "awesomesauce"?
  32. You're a hardcore conservative?
  33. You don't like roller coasters?
  34. You like reggaeton?
  35. You're into dolls?
  36. You're into sex dolls?
  37. You like dubstep?
  38. You get all of your news exclusively from Fox?
  39. You own more than two cats?
  40. Is that a Fubu shirt you're wearing?
  41. Is that patchouli I smell?
  42. You have a sex dungeon?
  43. Halitosis runs in your family?
  44. You like to keep your fingernails long?
  45. You like to keep your ponytail long?
  46. You're really into anime porn?
  47. You cosplay everyday?
  48. You think Trump has some really good ideas?
  49. You're married?
  50. You copied the key to my house?
  51. You really like listening to country music that has rap in it?