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If comedian Eugene Mirman can release his 3rd comedy album "I'm Sorry (You’re Welcome)," as a nine-volume concoction of laughs and literally 45 minutes of crying. So can we! (Sort of...)
  1. An Interview With Eugene Mirman, Volume 1 http://bit.ly/1Nm8CsK
  2. An Interview With Eugene Mirman, Volume 2 http://bit.ly/1M9ingU
  3. An Interview With Eugene Mirman, Volume 3 http://bit.ly/1OKZ25U
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Where we're going we don't need lists! Just kidding—here are our stories from #BTTF Day.
  1. Beyond "Back to the Future:" Here are 10 other times Hollywood predicted the future http://bit.ly/1LJ26cS
  2. Here's how the world is celebrating "Back to the Future" Day http://bit.ly/1LJ2x77
  3. What if there was another "Back to the Future" movie that took place in 2045? We asked the writer of the film what he thinks that'll be like http://bit.ly/1jX2Rrm
Start your Monday off right
  1. COVER STORY: Illegal Immigration: myths, half-truths and the hole in Trump's wall http://bit.ly/1Pthr6k
  2. Telemundo just kicked off an 80 (yes...80) part series on the life of salsa Queen Celia Cruz http://bit.ly/1LYSq3A
  3. Another bad day for Benghazi http://bit.ly/1M13qNC
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Our coverage on last night's Democratic Debate in Las Vegas
  1. Meet the Democratic Candidates http://bit.ly/1Gdx9AB
  2. Our Live-Blog: Democratic Presidential Contenders Throw Down in Nevada http://bit.ly/1QtlNJ4
  3. Why is Nevada such an important place for the democratic debate... And the election? http://bit.ly/1G67udo
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