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  1. I'm walking around Prague with @malielfman who's a huge Escape Room fan and what do we see but a brand new escape room!
    Built in a 15th century basement, themed like a torture chamber! Awesome!
  2. We joked as we were lead down into the basement that this is how all Hostel movies start: a couple of American friends find a slightly creepy tourist attraction, get lured into a basement, and then tortured.
  3. Anyway, at one point you end up with a metal grappling hook attached to a rope — like, an actual metal grappling hook — that you need to throw over a wall and pull on to unlock a door.
    Artist's rendition of grappling hook.
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  1. This is the Grand Budapest Hotel, right?
    I know it's the wrong country, but like... right??
  2. v v casual with the weed. Exhibit A.
  3. Exhibit B
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  1. Flak-jacket Kushner
    No question, this will be the #1 costume this year. Unless - and this is highly unlikely - more weird stuff happens with the Trump Family.
  2. Barring more information, people will just wear the weirdest shit they can imagine and then respond "I'm a Covfefe"
  3. Handmaid's Tale hat & red robe
    No chance @joemurphy wont be wearing this on Halloween
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One of the many things that's recently been inspired by @jeremysomething
  1. 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼
  2. It's a Canadian tux sort of day
    Special thanks to Jeremy for teaching me the right way to take these photos — all about that right hand crossover.
  3. Seafoam carpet for the Pirate's premiere
    Worth noting: ran into my dentist at the premiere, "I also do Johnny's teeth" so there's that.
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Realized I have a growing number of these because when @Waz starts to boogie, it's really something to see
As subscription services and direct to consumer manufacturers compete for our business, I started to realize you could get a long way on free trials.
  1. 1/3 of a year on a nice mattress, pt. 1
    100 Night Sleep Trial!
  2. 1/3 of a year on a nice mattress, pt. 2
    100 Night Trial
  3. Send me food, pt. 1
    100% mouthwatering OR YOUR MONEY BACK.
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  1. Hey to all my fans!
    Special shout out to all my new followers — welcome!!
  2. In about an hour, I'm going to be making the perfect sandwich.
    Just picked up the ingredients from Gelsons.
  3. I'll be live listing the whole event, so stay tuned!
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  1. When you bite your lip, it swells, making it more susceptible to being bitten again.
  2. The word given to the impediment of properly pronouncing "s" — lisp — contains an "s"
  3. The pipe that food goes down is millimeters from your airway.
  4. Man's best friend lives 1/8th as long as man.
  1. The bumper sticker in question
    It reads "turn in poachers" followed by a hotline
  2. Q: Is poaching a real issue in Los Angeles?
  3. Q: Is it even possible to poach in Los Angeles???
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