Was it @bjnovak who said guys lie about liking live music for girls? Not true. No wonder all the ladies love me 😘😘😘
  1. Kate Bush - Hammersmith Apollo, London
    When I was in single digits, my dad - who knows absolutely nothing about music that isn't film or Broadway - tried to get me to listen to KB. I thought I was shit. Years later I discovered just what he wanted me to hear. So we decided to fly to London for a weekend to see her perform for the first time in 35 years. Talk about memorable.
  2. Paul McCartney - Los Angeles
    A 1,000 person fundraiser for something important. Was too young to remember what, but just old enough to appreciate the 90 minutes or music that ensued. Oh, and Neil Young opened for him. I mean, come on!
  3. Jon Brion & Fiona Apple - Largo, Los Angeles
    Specifically when the two played through the entirety of Kate Bush's "The Dreaming." What a duo...
  4. Björk - Roseland, New York
    On my 22nd birthday! What a treat. Not even the drunk dudes behind me at the bar could spoil the evening. I want Björk to have a reality show - I just love watching her move and talk and dance and just be.
  5. Wilco - Orpheum, Boston
    I couldn't find any information regarding who was opening for Wilco but didn't really care - could have been Gwar and I still would have gone. Turns out no opener, just 3 straight hours of Wilco. I have since heard them reference that night as one of their longest sets to date.
  6. The Dirty Projectors - O-East, Tokyo
    They were amazing - like always - whatever. What made this show so incredible was the juxtaposition of them grooving hard onstage before a standing room only of very polite Japanese fans, gently swaying from side to side, lightly clapping after each song. It was a sold out show, these were huge fans of TDP, but they just don't get into it like us gluttons in the West.
  7. Fleet Foxes - Crystal Ballroom, Portland
    They were opening for The Shins and I don't think anyone in the room knew who they were at the time. Rarely do openers outshine the main act, but as soon as those harmonies filled the room it was over. Done. What a show.
  8. Gil Scott-Heron - Coachella, CA
    Just an amazing honor to see a legend before he passed. He still had it, too.
  9. @MiniMansions - The Troubador, Los Angeles
    And not just because @EthanDawes' mom told me "we're all here without our significant others - let's do drugs and have sex with people" (I'm paraphrasing, but that was the point.) I think in 5 years people will refer to "that historic MM show at The Troubador." It was that electric and special.
  10. Kanye West - Coachella, CA
    Everyone was pissed he didn't bring out Rihanna or Nicki or whoever. But I thought it was brilliant. Kanye alone on the main stage. Who else could do that, alone? (Okay, at one point he had dozens of ballerinas, but still.)