1. and roll
    #1 for so many reason, not the least of which being it's the only one on this list that can be identified simply as "rock."
  2. Candy
    Rock Candy is candy in its most pure form: sugar. Also gets major points for being a fun and informative science experiment.
  3. 30
    Jack and Liz were always on point, but when Tracy and Pete and Jenna and Dr. Leo Spaceman were at their best, no show was funnier.
  4. Maninoff
    Ok, technically Rach. Listening to this piano prodigy play his own compositions is astounding.
  5. Chris
    If for nothing else than for introducing the expression "salad tossing" to the general public.
  6. The
    His transformation from "The Rock" to "Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson" to simply "Dwayne Johnson" was magnificent, not unlike a caterpillar's transformation into a beautiful, children's action movie making butterfly.
  7. Fraggle
    The black sheep in the world of Jim Henson never got the recognition they deserved.
  8. Kid
    Great cameo in Silicon Valley AND an album produced by Rick Rubin? Almost makes you forget Bowitdaba. Almost.
  9. Jam, Welcome to
    I'm not terribly sure if Damian Marley is singing in English in this song - pretty sure he gives a shout out to Chuck Norris though. Regardless, it's a guilty pleasure track.
  10. Cat's Eye
    Big shout out to 8 year old me and my rock collection. Gotta show some love for my favorite gemstone.