Excluding one hit wonders
  1. "Blue Jean" off Tonight (David Bowie)
    Even Bowie acknowledged this wasn't a terribly great album, but I personally love this one song.
  2. "Fly" off Floored (Sugar Ray)
    Their first huge hit was buried in some bizarre SoCal hard rock metal reggae funk punk album. They were smart to ditch that other shit and just stick with inoffensive radio hits.
  3. "Go Let It Out" off Standing On the Shoulder of Giants (Oasis)
    The opening track, "Fuckin' In the Bushes" is pretty okay given its use in the film Snatch, but other than these two tracks, this album doesn't need to be listened to.
  4. "About a Girl" off Bleach (Nirvana)
    Bleach isn't "so bad" but compared to Nevermind and In Utero it's pretty not great.
  5. "Creep" off Pablo Honey (Radiohead)
    Is there a more famous song on a more blah album? No.
  6. "Rebellion (Lies)" off Funeral (Arcade Fire)
    Is this a "so bad" album? No. But if it's all Arcade Fire had ever put out, would they be remembered as even a blip on the indie rock history? No.
  7. "Tempted" off East Side Story (Squeeze)
    @taybelight can attest to the cliff this album drops off after this song.
  8. "It's Only Life" off Port of Morrow (The Shins)
    Sorry guys, I love The Shins just as much as every girl who was 13 in 2003, but this album fell pretty flat with the exception of this single. I had the pleasure of recording James Mercer doing an acoustic version of "Simple Song" which I quite liked but didn't care for the album version.
  9. "Amarillo" off The Fall (Gorillaz)
    HUGE Damon Albarn fan. Huge. But this album made while on tour via an iPad should have stayed on the road.
  10. "Welcome to Japan" off Comedown Machine (The Strokes)
    I don't want to talk about this album.