Here's a helpful template I put together.
  1. Waking up with these guys!
    [insert promotional photo for TV show of entire cast of characters]
  2. Owning WAY too many of these!
    [insert photo of cheap fashion accessory]
  3. Begging your mom to buy these at the grocery store!
    [insert photo of discontinued candy]
  4. Hours spent playing with this!!
    [insert photo of toy]
  5. Hanging out after school with the crew
    [insert photo of a collectible toy set/series]
  6. The way [insert character name] always treated [insert second character name]
    [insert GIF from animated TV series]
  7. Wanting nothing more than to win a trip to [insert destination that was offered as the grand prize on a game show]
    [insert commercial for destination, uploaded with an outdated aspect ratio]
  8. How [insert character name] said what we were all thinking
    [insert YouTube clip of funny catch-phrase from sitcom]
  9. Learning to love reading thanks to these guys
    [insert photo of cover of YA novel series]
  10. Only the cool kids had these
    [insert photo of fad recreational product]