2016/7 Oscar Worthy Films I've Seen

  1. Arrival
    I appreciated the somber tone. I loved Amy Adams — no surprise there. I wish they hadn't spent the last 5 minutes explaining the movie — let folks figure it out!
  2. Moonlight
    I thought it was an extremely well made film, though I 100% agree with @BretEastonEllis's review: why exactly do we care about Chiron? Wouldn't be surprised if it wins best picture after #oscarssowhite.
  3. Hell or High Water
    Clearly someone's passion project. Enjoyable. Small. Forgettable. Ben Foster is really fun to watch. Jeff Bridges is delightfully unintelligible.
  4. La La Land
    It's as good as you've heard. Possibly better. There are certain moments in the film that don't work — they feel so odd — but somehow you like them. And about halfway through you realize you have no idea where anything is going but you're so grateful to be on the ride.
  5. Hidden Figures
    You'd have to be a robot not to smile and have goosebumps throughout this film (sorry, @listbot.) That said, pretty paint by numbers. This also marks the first time I've seen a film claim to be based on the "untold" true story — that's even more lame than "based on a true story"!
  6. Rogue One
    Sure. Why not.
  7. Silence
    Glad to have seen it, but it felt like a missed opportunity to say something about any number of things — ISIS, American imperialism, domestic social tensions. I'm not entirely sure what Scorsese was getting at.
  8. Nocturnal Animals
    I was really rooting for you, Tom, but this is an absolute mess. There's a few great moments — the kidnapping, any scene with Michael Shannon — and you got some great performances, but the screenplay is just an absolute mess :(
  9. Jackie
    It's official: I can't enjoy biographical dramas. I have a really hard time separating the fiction from the fact and it prevents me from getting into a film. Anyone else have this problem? I fully recognize just how wonderful this film is: the performance, the incessant music that won't leave you alone, the wonderful back and forth between Portman and Crudup, but it wasn't for me.
  10. Manchester By The Sea
    I think this is one of the best written, directed, edited, and performed films I've ever seen. I loved the musical selections as well. It is beautifully crafted yet never feels manufactured. The film never broadcasts where it's going, though it cleverly alludes to future scenes or past moments not seen. For all the talk of it being 'devastating' I found it wildly funny and charming. I could and will watch this often. 10/10. 💯💯💯.
  11. Loving
    Still mulling this one over a day later. Appreciated the decision to not overly dramatize the relationship. I think I needed a bit more understanding as to why these two loved each other — would have made their fight and his words to the Supreme Court more meaningful.
  12. Lion
    I'm rethinking my distaste for "based on a true story" films — this was incredible and left me in tears.