2017 Halloween Predictions

  1. Flak-jacket Kushner
    No question, this will be the #1 costume this year. Unless - and this is highly unlikely - more weird stuff happens with the Trump Family.
  2. Barring more information, people will just wear the weirdest shit they can imagine and then respond "I'm a Covfefe"
  3. Handmaid's Tale hat & red robe
    No chance @joemurphy wont be wearing this on Halloween
  4. This guy
  5. Sean Spicier
    Or something to that effect - some portmanteau. Imagine if beneath the Sriracha costume was a suit and tie, and you were at a podium, and you were just screaming at all the party guests the entire night.
  6. Sean Spicer in the bushes
    Great idea, @michellejennifer