I welcome all answers and debate.
  1. If you listened to an audio book, do you tell people you read it?
  2. Which one is a more definitive statement that you're dating:
    Giving someone your letterman's jacket or giving someone your Netflix password?
  3. Which is more direct:
    Asking for someone's number in real life, or clicking "ask for X's number" on their Facebook profile?
  4. What do you call House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Transparent, etc.
    A web series? A TV show?
  5. Which one to choose: online dating or in real life dating.
    The former: same interests, hope there's a connection. The latter: connection, hope there's shared interests.
  6. Is "got stuck in traffic" or "got lost" a legitimate excuse for being late?
    Given Google Maps, Waze, iTraffic, MyLiveTraffic, etc.
  7. Is it appropriate to Netflix, HBO Go, or Skype via airplane wifi?
    Kills bandwidth for other users...
  8. Can you ignore a text from a friend?
    Suggested by @paulasz