13 months ago, B.J. and I had lunch at the Soho House, discussed living in Boston, were interrupted by Kevin Nealon, and made a handshake deal that would prove to be fruitful. Here are some thoughts on the time since then.
  1. I thought I had perfect eyesight until I saw the way @dev can spot an out-of-line pixel.
    He's got eagle-eyes! It's wild.
  2. I have no idea what @olive's last name is.
    I don't even know if that's her first name...
  3. When I called my mom 13 months ago and said "I have really great news, but you're not going to understand most of it" I was right.
    Though I'm happy to report @TheDeena is a very competent li.ster. And apparently a fan of @AsaAkira... More on that, later.
  4. Slack is a magical application
    I get most excited when I see that @charlie is typing in our Team's Slack
  5. I work with some cool people, but I secretly like their SO's 10x more.
    I'd be fooling myself if I didn't think they also like @Caroline 10x more...
  6. I still don't understand why everyone at the very first LA meet up thought I was a fifteen year old lesbian based on my original profile photo.
    I don't see it, do you? What do you think, @lesbian?
  7. Getting to spend an afternoon with @neiltyson was a major life highlight.
    He is every bit as warm, kind, and interesting as you could possibly hope. Neil, you are a very decent and inspiring human.
  8. It took about 6 months to not occasionally look up and think to myself "What is Ryan from The Office doing in this meeting?"
  9. I can't believe there was a time before I knew Dennis Flynn existed.
  10. There is no substitute for being creative.
    I relist a lot of lists, but the only ones that ever hit trending are ones that are just flat out good. I think this is a metaphor for life: you can throw a ton of resources behind something, but if it's not good, it won't stick. Or something like that.
  11. @fats is still my favorite li.ster — deal with it, y'all.
  12. I honestly had no idea who @AsaAkira was before li.st
    But I'm grateful for the conversation she sparked today over breakfast with my mom about "double penetration"
  14. It is strange to me that almost all of my IRL best friends haven't really gotten into li.st.
  15. I really love arts and crafts:
  16. @jeb has never read a Wikipedia page he didn't like.
    And it seems he remembers every page he's ever read.
  17. Venice is a dope place to work
    But I don't see myself in a beach-side bungalow anytime soon.
  18. Anyone who is applying for a job should have the experience of interviewing someone for a job.
    It instantly becomes clear what are good and bad, beneficial and detrimental practices with regards to applying.
  19. When you work on a social media app, it's very easy to justify being on your phone every second.
    I need to get better about unplugging.
  20. I think li.st is many different things and will become many more things, but at the core, it seems to be people wanting to connect with other people.
    Except for @Waz, he seems to be here for the sole purpose of matching the voices in his heads with corresponding accounts. Love you, Jack!
  21. The li.st community is obscenely welcoming and positive. How the fuck does that happen on the Internet??
    Either we got really lucky or B.J. & Dev sold their souls to the Devil.
  22. I first heard The List App described as "like Twitter but for lists and smart people. I dunno, it's something B.J. made and he's pretty smart I guess" by @EthanDawes and he was right on all fronts.
  23. I miss @Meatball
  24. There are two types of people in this world: people who smirk when they hear the name JoAnn Fabrics and those who don't think twice about it.
    I am happy to be the former.
  25. I wish the folks running a bunch of the publication accounts on here would list from their personal accounts because they are all phenomenally interesting people.
  26. My love for root beer is second only to @aq's love for Mexican coke.
  27. I am forever grateful for learning the word 'flounce'
    I'm mainly just happy that such a word exists to describe such silly behavior.
  28. I can't believe I've gotten away with DJing for our office, almost exclusively, for an entire year.
    When are they going to catch on that it's just the same dozen artists on rotate?
  29. I wonder how many times we've eaten at Tacos Por Favor... 50? 100?
    Taco salad w/ chicken every time 'til the day I die... of salmonella.
  30. I think what will ultimately happen is that Dev will spend another year hoarding Sanpellegrino lids and then cover the back wall of his office once we move to a larger location.
  31. That time it was just me, @bjnovak, and @mindy in the office was definitely one of the strangest moments of my life.
    I felt like Toby, alone with them in the annex.
  32. Followed closely by @richardcurtis giving me advice on how to sleep with Ryan Gosling groupies while B.J. told him what good shape I was in, all in front of the Bell House audience.
    That was another strange life moment...
  33. When you work on an app, suddenly a lot of people in your life have ideas for apps.
  34. I've always believed that life is a mountain and what's more important than knowing exactly what path leads to the summit is to simply keep moving, even if you're not sure where that particular path leads.
    Maybe li.st takes the world by storm. Maybe it crashes and burns. Maybe my future is in no way tied to li.st'. Regardless, this has been such an enriching and fun ride thus far and I'm very grateful to the new friends I have. Mainly @neorsd, if I'm being honest...
  35. I can't believe this is what I get to do for a living.
  36. And I can't believe I get to do this for a living because of those lists I made with movie plots written out in emojis.
  37. B.J. Novak is actually incredibly