1. Duncan Sheik. 90s, "Barely Breathing"
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    Now: wrote the music for Spring Awakening
  2. Linda Perry. 90s, 4 Non Blondes
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    Now, wrote the songs Get the Party Started (Pink), Beautiful (Christina Aguilera) and Superwoman (Alicia Keys)
  3. Ariel Rechtshaid. 90s Ska band 'The Hippos'
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    Ariel produced HAIM, Adele, Vampire Weekend, Snoop Lion, Tobias Jesso Jr., @SkyFerreira
  4. Dan Wilson. 90s, Semisomic
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    Wrote and produced 3 songs on Adele's '21' including 'Someone Like You'
  5. Gregg Alexander. 90s, New Radicals
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    Last year was nominated for an Oscar for Best Song and won a Grammy back in 2003.