Inspired by @MilesWoods
  1. Album purchased: No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom
  2. Pop Concert: Spice Girls NAKED tour at Staples
  3. Pop Concert that I chose: Millencolin & Rufio at the Crystal Ballroom
  4. Paying job: composing music for online flash games
  5. Band name: Blue Wisdom
    Named by my band mate, @madithelma
  6. Was I your first? If not I'm changing this answer.
  7. Time getting drunk: never happened
  8. Dog: Nelly the black lab who came home as a Mother's Day present
    Crooks be warned: not the answer to my security question
  9. I dunno, @richardkraft made it for me
  10. Screenname: ThrustinSkeleton
    When you're twelve, nothing is funnier than the word "thrusting"
  11. Apple product; the OG iPod with the wheel that actually moved and a PowerBook G4
  12. Apartment: 453 Washington St. Apt 5D Boston, MA
  13. Ambulance ride: post-concussion snowboarding
  14. Medal actually earned: 2nd place in a snowboard Slopestyle competition
    Unrelated to concussion