1. Height, approx. 6'9"
    For the purposes of getting with Leoshi
  2. Basketball skills
    To challenge Leoshi's boyfriend on the court and - hopefully - best him, thus impressing Leoshi enough to consider dumping her man.
  3. A good looking girlfriend (with a cell phone)
    He plans on calling her
  4. A magic rabbit who lives in a hat with a bat
    Unclear as to why, and unclear if this bat is an animal or a long wooden stick used in baseball.
  5. A 1964 Chevrolet Impala
    So far all he has is a hatchback, which isn't very cool. In fact, everywhere he goes people laugh at him.
  6. The ability to control the universe
    First act as God: every day is Friday. Second act as God: you could speed down the highway.
  7. That's all Skee-Lo specifies
    Should have wished for another hit...
  8. the ability to get with Lioshi
    cause he don't know her, but she's pretty fine.
    Suggested by @stacymichelle