@LevNovak was sorely mistaken in his rankings. Please see below
  1. Byron "Buster" Bluth
    The only character to make you both laugh AND cry, Buster is lowest in pecking order but the highest in our hearts. We love you, baby Buster.
  2. George Bluth
    Originally written as a one-time character, but Jeffrey Tambor's performance was so good the writers quickly re-wrote the part.
  3. Lucille Bluth
    Gangy is sharp. Gangy is raw. Gangy will go downtown if that's what it takes.
  4. Tobias Fünke (Bluth)
    Not overrated, @LevNovak. That's like saying the polio vaccine is overrated. Tobias gets bonus points for portraying another fantastic character, Mrs. Featherbottom.
  5. George Oscar Bluth (GOB)
    If confidence and grandeur were currency, GOB would have a closet full of $4,000 suits.
  6. George Michael Bluth
    Everybody loves George Michael!
  7. Lindsay Bluth-Fünke
    Mom. Activist. Hot Ham Water inventor.
  8. Oscar Bluth
    AD Season 4 was a bit of a let down. What would have been better was an Oscar Spinoff. I want to know more about his life.
  9. Franklin Delano Bluth
    One of TV's great puppets.
  10. Steve Holt (Bluth)
  11. Maeby Fünke
    Maeby was rarely one to deliver classic lines (aside from "Babysit me!") but she often allowed someone else to take the spotlight (aka her leather daddy, Tobias)
  12. Michael Bluth
    The straight man never ranks towards the top. Sorry, Michael.
  13. Annyong Bluth