Anecdotes From Living Abroad: Japan

Inspired by @dev (and @Lisa_Fav). If anyone really wants to stalk me, I kept a daily blog of my 89 days in Japan as I tried to complete 89 goals:
  1. Swimming naked beneath a waterfall
    Ask me what the greatest day of my life has been and I'll tell you the story of getting lost alone in the forest on Yakushima island, which is where Miyazaki brought his animators to inspire the Wild of Princess Mononoke
  2. Being chased by dozens of school children
    The Hiroshima Peace Park is a major field trip destination and also a place where foreigners visit. So the elementary schools arm their children with questionnaires to practice their English. Every 2 minutes a pack of 6 or 7 young children would spot me, a 6'2" blond dude and chase me down.
  3. 48 hours partying with Tim Burton & co.
    A series of random events lead to a 3am party in his suite, watching old Godzilla films. The next day a small group of us went to have lunch at a friend's parents house, where we again watched Godzilla films.
  4. Finding a rabbit cafe
    @lenadunham did it wrong with the cat cafe; it's all about the rabbit cafes!
  5. Gorging myself on Japanese kit kats
    One of my 89 goals was to eat as many as possible. @tay and I decided that Rum Raisin, Wasabe, and Hot Chilli were the best flavors.
  6. Experiencing racism in Okinawa
    Because of poor relations with the US military stationed on the island, a 10pm curfew was instated. That means that after 10pm, there are really no white people roaming the island. So when we tried to find a good karaoke bar, we were always turned away even though we were military. We finally found one that accepted us and ended up dancing and singing with our new friends.
  7. Biking through Kyoto with new friends
    I made two British friends while their and we decided to rent bikes and explore Kyoto. Never have I experienced such freedom as navigating the crowded streets on bike. There is no better way to see a city.
  8. Being a guest speaker in small-town Japan
    My Couchsurfing host was an English teacher and asked if I'd come listen to presentations that her students had prepared. Many of them came to dinner the night before at her apartment and it is the closest I'll ever come to being famous/a visiting dignitary - they brought gifts, stories, all wanted photos... The gifts were super weird, too: hand warmers, ramen bibs, face masks...
  9. Snow monkeys!
    Here's my pops, @richardkraft having a word with one of the monkeys who live by the natural hot springs.
  10. Being so completely alone
    I have a hard time looking through my blog without tearing up. This was an incredible, informative, and life changing experience. To essentially be alone for 3 months is a very bizarre and illuminating experience. My wish for anyone is that they're able to travel alone for some time.
  11. Anyone else live abroad? Would love to read your lists!