Arclight Hollywood (Not the Dome - that's its own beast.)
  1. M22
    You're in the middle of the row and just above the center of the screen. For all intents and purposes, it's just you and the movie - nothing else exists when you're in M22
  2. C22
    Again, you're in the middle of the row however C seats are great for people with long legs or those who suffer from IBS - you're right on the floor which allows you easy access to the exits. Also great for paranoids who always need to know where the closest exit is.
  3. Y36a,Y37a
    You're less concerned with the movie and more concerned with the booty. These seats, located at the very back corner of the theater, provide as much privacy as possible in this public space.
  4. Rows A & B
    These are the seats right up in front, designed so the theater fat cats can score a few extra dollars. If you're sitting here it's because you didn't think to buy your Midnight Screening tickets ahead of time. If anyone actually enjoys these seats, please comment as to why - you are an anomaly.