What about you guys? What adorns your walls?
  1. Alice in Wonderland - Mary Blair
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    Walt's most beloved concept artist and - in my opinion - the two of them were having an affair. Regardless, the work they created together was incredible.
  2. Mars Attacks - Tim Burton
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    Some of the concept art for the film that proves just how much of the final product comes directly from Tim's mind.
  3. The Tiki Room - Shag
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    My dad went Shag crazy when he was commissioned for a bunch of Disney pieces and got as much of the original work as possible. I was lucky enough to steal this one for my house.
  4. L.A. Modern - Shag
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    Shag. Los Angeles. Modern architecture. What's not to love?
  5. Nicky & Scout Kraft - Marie-Pascale Elfman
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    This terrifying painting of my as a toddler and my mom's favorite cat hangs above my bed. Why? Because it's baller to sleep beneath a painting of yourself.
  6. Boston compliments of @EthanDawes
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    The city where we fell in love... 😘😘😘
  7. Rothko,untitled - Nicky Giraffe
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    A gift from @Caroline of my friend James' butt. I also quite like the picture and it's probably the closest I'll ever come to owning a Rothko.
  8. 12 Jack Skellingtons
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    Some of the heads they used in the making of Nightmare. I really want to get a Jack body and then create a 12 headed beast - anyone up for an arts and crafts project?
  9. Elliott Smith tribute concert poster - The Doug Fir
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    Went to the show in Portland and LA but am sorry to have missed the Austin and NY performances (shoutout to @SkyFerreira for the latter.) Hopefully these celebratory concerts will become a regular event at Largo.